Friday, June 29, 2012

Shellac Red, White and Blue!

I didn't get to take step by step pictures of this set of nails but I can tell you what I did to get there! 

I used CND Shellac for these nails. I went through all the "nail prep" applied my base shellac coat and then here are my steps:

1. Cure base coat for 10 sec

2. Applied "Hotski to Tchotchke" color diagonally over the nail (clean up line with flat edge brush and Isopropel alcohol.) Cure that for 2 min. and do the same to other hand while curing. 

3. Apply "Purple Purple" over the "Hotski to Tchotchke" color. and Cure for 2 min. 

4. Apply "Cream Puff" on the other half of the horizontal line. Clean off any color you get on the skin. Cure for 2 min. 

5. Get your striper brush and dip into "Red Baroness" and make your zebra stripes or lines or whatever you want! cure for 2 min. I thought some horizontal lines would be cute make it look more flaggish! This client wanted zebra stripes which were adorable too!

6. Apply "Zillionare" to blue portion on nail and stick on your little stars while wet and then cure for 2 min.

7. Apply Top coat over entire nail and cure for 2 min!

8. Clean with Isopropel Alcohol apply cuticle oil and Voila! You have ADORABLE fourth of July nails!

Just FYI when you finish with step 3...its going to look purple and not blue. But I am TELLING you when you get the white and red on there it will look blue.... weirdest thing ever. lol Have fun! And you can do this will regular polish as well!

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