Friday, September 12, 2014

Pregnancy and Weightlifting

I know I created this blog page for crafts and such and I will continue to post what crafts and projects I have made on here. BUT I would like to post a little differently in addition to those posts for the next 9 months or so.

Oh yes that is right, we are having yet another tiny one...well I don't know if I am pregnant YET but we have started trying and if history is any indicator...I am already pregnant. And I wanted to start this blog super early on so you can see every phase I go through with this pregnancy and keeping up with my weightlifting/workout routine.

When we finally decided to have our last baby I started researching women who lift weights while they are pregnant and what I have found out there is pretty slim pickins so I am hoping to add to the information out there. My intention with this blog is to show women that you CAN workout hard and stay fit while pregnant.

I am going to try to post a lot of pictures throughout the pregnancy so you can see how things go. I will try to find some photos from my last pregnancy and post those so you can see the difference and I say TRY to find some because I did NOT like my picture taken back then (blah)

I refuse to be unhappy with myself and completely waste away the hard work I have done for the last year and a half. Not going to happen! I had watched this amazing woman in our gym work out every single day of her pregnancy and was amazing!!! and then one day she shows up to the gym and I look down expecting to see her big baby belly and all the sudden BAM! No baby in there anymore and she was just strutting along like nothing ever happened. And I thought to myself "I swear she had a baby in there just yesterday!"

I would like to put out there if you are already pregnant and you have not ever worked out of weight lifted a day in  your is not the time to start. Yes go on walks and yes eat as healthy as possible but your body is not prepared for this at the moment.

I will be following Jamie Easons Live Fit Trainer for the majority of my pregnancy. Its a 12 week program so I am just planning on repeating it about 3 times. I will be tweaking it here and there because it does get intense in her last 6 weeks or so but I just love the program and I love her so thats the plan!! I will post on here daily what I did for my work out so if you want to just follow what I did then that works as well!

Alright now on to the photos!! I hate posting pictures of myself haha but here it goes anyway.

Oh. My. Word. I don't even know who that person is! This picture was taken 6 months after my second c-section with my Izzie Lynn. SIX MONTHS!! And I still look 6 months pregnant! Although I do have to say....I miss those boobs!! Alright so moving along now that I just threw up a little in my mouth. At this point in my fitness journey I was incredibly depressed...I mean look at that face. I was so defeated and I just didn't know if I would ever get out of my black hole. I started doing nothing against insanity or ANY of the beach body programs. I think they are amazing and work wonders. BUT I am not a self motivator AT ALL. So if I feel like quitting 10 minutes into a golly I will! So after doing that and not seeing any real progress I moved on...and I found an amazing website called I followed and finished two of their programs on there. The first one I did was called the Bizzy Diet 21-Day Fitness Plan by the Muscle Pharm guy. I LOVED it. Its 3 weeks long and intense but its over by the time you just don't want to do it anymore. And then I moved on to Jamie Easons LiveFit 12 Week Trainer and I LOVED this program as well. So without any further ado here is my AFTER

So the bathing suit pics were for my husband when I was trying on bathing suits for our 9 yr anniversary trip in July and I needed his opinion when he was at home haha so I thought I would throw those in there. Now I was getting to the point where I was pretty happy with where I was at, I did have about 5 more pounds I wanted to shed but over all I am a happy camper. So this is where I am starting off this pregnancy. Fit and Happy. And I want to keep it that way. I refuse to be that unhappy woman again. NEVER AGAIN. To get to this point it did take me a year and a half. I had protein shakes and shakeology along with smoothies. I was NOT perfect everyday but I did my best ;)

Side note my husband says after I have this baby and I get back down to where I want to be I get to have...wait for it....Boob job and tummy tuck. WHHHAT!Yup so excited because this tummy of mine has been through some rough times and it needs some TLC here is a shot just so you know what I am talking about

That skin there is just going to hang around forever and I need that gone!! So anyway. There  you have it, sorry for the ridiculously long post but I promise they will be much shorter and helpful from now on. Starting Sunday I will be posting what my workouts will be for the following day. If you want to follow me on my user name is fitmomma23 and you can also see my tracked work outs there! Good luck Mommas!

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