Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One of my first Creations

So I have seen these done and I always thought they were pretty cool, so I gave it a try. And let me tell you....its not a quick project! It was fun, and I love my waste paper basket, but never again! Anyway, here is how it went....

First find some magazines you are done with. (Notice all mine are fitness comment)

Rip out pages and cut in half.

Then take the half and fold in half


And Again

Until you have a bunch of these. And when I say a bunch......I mean a BUNCH

Coil one of the strips into a tight coil. Using come Modge Podge. I added some water to mine to thin it a little and helped it dry faster.

What we are making will be your base of the basket.

Continue to coil the strips around the existing coil.....


it becomes......

the size.....

you want! (Or until you just can't coil one more or you will scream!)

Then what you are going to do is coil some more! Yay! But a little differently. This time make your strips a little smaller than the ones you used for your base. Grab a maker or whatever you want to use to coil and you will make some circles! 

Simply wrap around marker....

And make a curl...

Tighten it to the size you would like and glue with modge podge.

Now...when you think you have made enough of these little circles keep going until you have tripled what you have made already! Then you might be good.

Now for assembly. Take your hot glue gun and start gluing your little circles. No kidding I took this thing apart 3 times before I got this right. Make sure you are gluing the circles TIGHTLY together, other wise you are going to have an extremely wide top. Notice in this picture below how it is already bowing out? You don't want that! So keep it tight!

After its all assembled, get some clear aerosol glue and spray it (somewhere well ventilated) That way it makes is pretty strong and somewhat water proof. I would use this in an office of some type. 

And After all that, you have this pretty awesome looking trash can!!! Yay!!

Thanks guys, hope you like it. And don't be afraid to try this! It just wont be done in an hour Ü

Keep it Simple!!

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