Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adorable Easy Dessert Stands

First Go to your local Thrift store and find these items.

glass or ceramic plate
Some sort of stem ware (martini glass) of your liking. Make sure it has a flat top, no ridges or anything.

Here are a couple other things you will need for this project.
Frosted Glass Spray Paint (you can find this at your craft store or Wal-mart.)
Spray paint in the color of your choosing
Silicone Glue (Wal-mart.This is so the plate will be hand washable. )

Clean your Plate and glass well and Dry completely. 

Do the following steps in a well ventilated area please!
Make sure you are working on a protected surface DON’T USE NEWS PAPER! I made that mistake and ended up throwing out one of my stands….no good. Use plastic. I used a couple trash bags over my table.  

Spray the top of your plate with frosted glass. Wait to dry and then flip over.

The frosted glass dries in 10 minutes. The purpose of the frosted glass is to make the spray paint adhere better to the glass or ceramic.

Next, center your glass on the bottom of your plate.

Make sure you don’t bump the glass after you spray the frost. You want to keep that circle clean so you can apply glue later. 

Now for the COLOR!! 

Spray evenly the color of your choosing.

You will need a few coats.

Don’t buy a plate with existing dark art on it. It takes more coats to cover.

After you are done with the bottom and its dry, take off glass and flip plate over and spray top.

When the top is good and coated and dry, flip back over. And it should look like this.

Now to glue. Get your silicone glue out and trace the circle on the plate (not on the paint. Then place your cup on top.

You can paint the glue after it dries later if you want.

Let it completely dry and Viola!

Use it to serve Cake, Cookies, fruit, or just something pretty for a center piece! Use your imagination!

Here is a list of some things you could display on it.
Business Cards
 The sky is the Limit!

Make sure when serving something on it that you use a doily or parchment paper. Best not to have food be in direct contact with paint.

Here is where I found this fabulous Craft!
She has got AMAZING ideas. Check it out.
Stay tuned to see what I have in store for this old bench!

So excited to redo this thing! My first furniture remodel YAY!!

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