Friday, November 11, 2011

Birthday Number collage

I threw my Hubby a surprise party last weekend....SO glad that it is over! 

This one of my decorations that I had made. And I got the inspiration from here.

Mine is a little different though because I didn't want to have to worry about building the number 
one party more thing to worry about. So I wanted to make it so it was already formed and
I could just throw it up when the time came.

I was trying to hide all this from my hubby so I didn't take a lot of pics. But its pretty simple to explain.

Here is what you will need:

Foam Poster Board
(found mine at $1 store)

Modge Podge 
(I used the glossy kind)


Lots of pictures
(I got mine online from Walmart and did all in black & White)

Box Cutter or Craft cutting blade

Here are your steps


Sketch on your numbers. I just used a rulers and kind of made is wasn't perfect.

So I did a #30. 

Next cut out your numbers. Use your box cutter (like me) or use your craft blade. Make sure you do this on either a cutting mat or protected surface.

Now get your pictures ready. I cut down all of mine. I just cut off any part of my picture I didn't really care about. The smaller they are the more you can fit onto the numbers!

Once that is done its time to start gluing! Get kind of an idea where you want to start placing your pictures...don't go crazy over this though. They don't have to be PERFECT! I like them kinda crazy...that just me.

So anyway, put the modge podge onto the back of the picture and place onto board. Just go with the basic form of the number. 

After they are all glued on do a sealing coat of modge podge over them all. I did this to the back of them as well to make it a little bit more sturdy. 

And thats it! Easy huh?

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