Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bench Facelift

I bought this bench at Goodwill a while back and I am so excited that I finally got it done! I had the cushion done for a while, but its been so hot here that I havn't been able to go out and paint the legs.....well today I sucked it up and sweated it out and got it done!! And here are my results!

It used to be a bench for a piano I guess....

So I took the cushion off.

Got some foam and cut to fit.

Stapled on some new fabric.

Lightly Sanded the wood and cleaned with baby wipe. Then took a tea light and went over the edges and corners. So when I painted it I rubbed off the paint on the edges with ease! For more detail about that go here.

So I painted and gave it this nice antique look.

And VIOLA!! Isn't she so pretty!?

So from this....

To this!

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