Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fourth of July Toes!

Its my first nail tutorial! My hubby has been telling me that I needed to do this for so long. And I finally said why not! Its not a perfect design...I would change some things if I did this design again. But oh well! here we go!

First take off your old polish! 

Cut, shape and clean your little tooties.

Put on your base coat.

Get out the blue polish you like...

And make a diagonal stroke to cover half your toenail.

If you like a perfect line, get some acetone and a flat brush and clean the line up...

There! Now get your Red polish, I used a sparkly one!

And fill in the spaces next to the blue.

Get a striper brush and some white polish (or whatever you want to make a line) and draw a line down the middle of your colors.

I used toll paint for the next part...but use whatever you like. 

Here is the brush I used to draw my stars.

Now here is where I would do it differently next time. Because I am not a fantastic artist I would skip drawing these on next time. I just have never been very good with stars lol. 

After looking at my toes when I had these white stars on them...I needed something else. And I remembered I had these silver stars I NEVER use. So I got those babies out! I applied some glitter polish over my white stars and then applied these little silver ones over the white ones. I like the WAY better now. 

Cute huh? so now I have some cute patriotic toes for the upcoming 4th of July!! 

Hope Ya'll have a great Fourth of July!!! 


  1. id suck the red white and blue off them toes

  2. super super hot toes, perfect feet! wanna kiss that adorable mole! mmmmmm