Friday, June 1, 2012

Perfect Petal Boxes

Found these on Pinterest....I am on a mission to actually MAKE all the things I am pinning on there haha. Don't think I will get them all done in THIS life time. But I am trying! 

I have to say I LOVE these little boxes. And you can make them any size you like to fit what you need in them. I was in need of  something to put cookies in to deliver to some ladies I know and these turned out to be perfect! Here is how it goes...

In this next step I who you how to fold the box. BUT just so you know I am demonstrating using my "template" so....make sure you don't go giving away your template because you need it to make more without having to do all these steps again.....just FYI 

Thanks Guys! Hope you try these out they are so fun! And here it the link to the girl who did these that made ME want to do them as well! Here is the Link

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